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Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

Drunk-Driving Prevention Technology - The Car of the Future?

Anti-drunk cars may be the future. Nissan have released concepts for drunk-recognition technology in their vehicles, including drunk-driving behavior detection, facial monitoring, alcohol odor sensors (which may prove tricky when the driver is not intoxicated but passengers are), and sensors within the steering wheel which will detect alcohol in the perspiring palms of the driver. Other companies are piloting laser technology which will be able to sample the level of alcohol in a driver’s blood. Nissan’s concept involves a voice warning being activated if any of these technological triggers are set off, although some are calling for the car to be rendered un-drivable if the car senses that the driver is irrefutably over the limit. While there are many issues to be ironed out, and many people may find the idea an awkward, irritating, or even insulting, it seems that anti-drunk cars could be hitting the roads within the next few years.

Drinking and Driving

There are ways and means of gett…

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