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Lamborghini Aventador-V LP-740 by Vorsteiner

Black Stallion | Mustang CGI


Dayanis Garcia | Viper and Corvette + Impreza

The future of Volvo

Volvo plans turbo four-cylinders, new design direction across its entire lineup
"We lost our way," admitted Volvo North America CEO Tony Nicolosi in his New Jersey-honed Italianate accent. Never an easy thing for an executive to confess. "We gotta go back to our roots. Society is coming back to what we represent as a brand: environment, family, safety. We've just been poor at communicating it." By the end of this year, approximately 60,000 Volvos* will move out the proverbial door -- down 6 percent from 2011. The death of the C70 and C30 certainly hurt sales. Volvo hasn't had a U.S. product launch since 2010. Four years! After enough controversy and hand wringing, Volvo finally acquiesced and announced that the V60 wagon will come to America -- four years after it was first introduced, alongside the S60. Underinvested and undermarketed, Volvo seemed to lay dormant. Now, flush with cash from Geely -- to the tune of an $11 billion investment over the next fiv…

Peugeot 308 SW | WG

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