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Live: Nissan New CEO Press Conference


This is the new 2020 Jaguar F-Type!

New Jaguar F-Type - what the heck have they done to the design!?!

NEW 2020 Jaguar F-Type: In-Depth First Look

Updated F-Type | WG + PR

December 2, 2019 – Today, Jaguar announced the new 2021 F-TYPE sports car. The redesigned model features a new exterior and interior design. Enhanced tuning, technology and convenience features elevate the definitive Jaguar sports car.
The new Jaguar F-TYPE looks more beautiful than ever and embodies Jaguar design DNA in its purest form. The two-seat sports car offers a perfect balance of performance and driver reward with an even more muscular, assertive design and a cabin defined by rich, luxurious materials and beautiful details.
The range of powerful, responsive engines includes a four-, six- and eight-cylinder option, all matched to eight-speed transmissions with full manual control using either the SportShift gear selector or the steering wheel-mounted paddles.
The new F-TYPE also offers more driver-focused technology, including a reconfigurable, high-definition, 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster, Touch Pro infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard and s…

Introducing the New Jaguar F-TYPE

New Jaguar F-TYPE | Beautiful Interior Details

New Jaguar F-TYPE x Hot Wheels

New Jaguar F-TYPE | Design Evolution

Introducing The New Jaguar F-TYPE and Hot Wheels Partnership | Jaguar USA

1 of 20 | Carbon Chiron Noire

Bare Carbon Fiber Bugatti EB110 By Dauer - Jay Leno’s Garage

Italdesign's Zerouno and Asphalt9: Legends

Saudi Arabia's 2030 Car!

No It Is Not a ZR1 Teaser

Would you like it to be?

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