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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing to Exhibit GR Supra Super GT Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing will exhibit at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019, a customized car event to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan for three days from January 11 to 13*, 2019. *January 11: industry and press day; January 12 and 13: public days TOYOTA GAZOO Racing aims through its motorsports activities to develop its cars and people with the goal of "making ever-better cars." It participates in top category races including the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), as well as national rallies and races. The technologies and know-how it acquires through these activities are subsequently fed back into the development of new production vehicles. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing selected "from past to future" as the theme for Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 and will feature our challenges. Exhibition vehicles include the Yaris WRC, the TS050 Hybrid, and the 2019 Lexus LC Nürburgring-spec, all of which will compete in top-leve

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Taycan Name

The mission is to find a name for a new vehicle that has no predecessor. “Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a more exciting challenge,” says Kjell Gruner, director of marketing at Porsche. “Pure expression. Letters and a meaning that find their place in the history of Porsche and the history of the automobile.” This car is, after all, the first purely electrically powered Porsche. It unites all the characteristics of a sports car from Zuffenhausen, fulfilling every expectation: undeniably exclusive, yet without extravagance. Its virtues: power, speed, superiority in every measure—and extremely beautiful, of course. Model names at Porsche establish a connection between the respective series and its characteristics. The Boxster gained its name by combining the roadster style with its boxer engine. The Cayenne, as expected, added some spice, and the Cayman was so named for its ferocity and agility. Macan unites poise, power, fascination, and dynamism, while the endurance-optimized Panam

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