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Jesus, Girls

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Reloaded | Aston Martin Bulldog

A British icon that was designed by Aston Martin in the late 1970’s to show off the capabilities of its new engineering facility is to be restored by CMC, Classic Motor Cars in Bridgnorth.  The Aston Martin Bulldog, styled by William Towns, is a one off concept car that Aston Martin created to prove that it was not only a small company of renowned motoring artisans but that it’s engineering prowess was also world class.  Aston Martin hoped that the car would be capable of over 200 miles per hour making it the fastest production car of its time.  However, testing and development were curtailed with the car tantalisingly close to its design performance having achieved 191 miles per hour in testing at MIRA when Victor Gauntlett became chairman of AML in 1981.  Now CMC is to carry out an 18-month nut and bolt restoration of the famous car after which the owner plans to run the car at over 200 mph and then take it on a World tour.  Nigel Woodward managing Director at Cl


Carmen Will Come

Hispano Suiza teases performance-focused model set for Geneva Show debut Ahead of the its unveiling at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, Hispano Suiza has teased the face of the Carmen Boulogne, a more powerful variant of the Carmen, alongside announcing the expansion of its Barcelona-based executive management team. Hispano Suiza, the luxury Spanish brand, has provided a sneak preview of its more powerful, faster, and even more exclusive Carmen Boulogne in advance of its global reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Drawing on the brand’s racing heritage, the new model boasts even greater performance figures than its Carmen sibling, plus features unique styling details that reinforce its sporting capabilities. A bold copper-coloured grille and matching detailing is evident in the teaser image, which also shows the car in a menacing and focused shade of black. Hispano Suiza teases the Carmen Boulogne ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut The brand’s teaser image acc

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Citroen AMI Electric Vehicle

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