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2023 WEC Le Mans: Hybrid Hypercars in Town

Leaked | Tonale

Looking cheap and extremely outdated like any modern Alfa Romeo, but some will love it. But if they could make people pay money for a Fiat Multipla, then selling this with an AR badge shouldn't be a problem. Too bad the spirit of Alfa Romeo is long dead, but hey as long as people settle with less... why even try to go for more? Way to go design team, congrats for making a Toyota? Toyota said 30-or-so years ago in a campaign "Nichts ist Unmöglich" Nothing is impossible. Alfa designers proved this exactly.  Again. Managed to "underperform" something that was almost "underperformable" design-wise and still being considered by a vast majority appealing. It's a shame because they seem to make good cars lately. Nothing bellissima, but it is okay. Some 30 years ago, Now also goes. If you can afford a serious coachbuilder..   Again it is a shame because it is Italian. And they say Italian design should really be inspiring. (Without a help of a coa

Alfa Romeo Tonale raccontata dal suo designer: Alessandro Maccolini

The story behind the Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept – The Anatomy of a Sign

Alfa Romeo Tonale

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale concept car, electrification meets beauty and dynamism

Alfa Romeo is breaking into the electric car world at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019 revealing the new concept of the Alfa Romeo Tonale compact SUV. The Tonale is the first plug-in hybrid and the first compact utility vehicle of Alfa Romeo. It rewrites the rules of today's fastest growing segment using the manufacturer's trademark language made up of unique Italian style and unparalleled driving pleasure. A car inspired by beauty and the Alfa Romeo design manifesto The design of the Tonale is an expression that looks fondly into our future. Its compact dimensions embody unique Italian design and the unmistakable original and modern style typical of Alfa Romeo, striking the perfect blend of valued heritage and anticipation of new precepts. Alfa Romeo holds dear the essence of Italian art and sculpture, through the timeless "artigianale" experience of hand sculpting. The Tonale is inspired by the beauty and nuances associated with human forms, and

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The All-New 2019 BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle.

Here we go again.This time official Today, BMW launches the all-new 4th generation 2019 BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle with two variants, the X5 xDrive 40i and the X5 xDrive 50i. Since its introduction almost 20 years ago, the BMW X5 has been built exclusively in Spartanburg, SC. To date, more than 2.2 million X5’s have been sold worldwide, one third of those sales being in the U.S. The all-new 2019 BMW X5 will again be built at BMW Plant Spartanburg, SC. This center of competence for BMW X models also handles production of the BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X6 and will soon add the BMW X7. New design language exudes confidence and authority. A wheelbase that is 1.6 inches longer than its predecessor’s, a 1.1 inches increase in vehicle length, an extra 2.6 inches of width and a 1.0 inches increase in height give the all-new 2019 BMW X5 both a muscular appearance and a more generous level of space for passengers and their luggage. The latest X5 retains the hallma

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645 PS Super-Corvette Z06 🤩🥵 Traum von Chevrolet 😎 | GRIP 618

The Complete History of the Corvette

Zora Arkus-Duntov had a dream, and the C8 Stingray is the mid-engine Corvette his dream. In The Complete History of the Corvette we have a 3 hour documentary of how hard it was to get the Mid Engine C8 Stingray put on the roads. From the very early Harley Earl period, through Zora, Mitchell, Shinoda, Delorean and Mr Perkins we have a very powerful but sometimes sad timeline of this glorious story that is still happening with the help of Tadge Juechter. In this video we see many concepts, prototypes, development stages which makes the C8 60 years in the making. And then some. If you want to spend some quality time learning about the history of this icon, look no further. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!

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