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Corvette C4 1987 L98 ride

Corvette C4 | 1987

【4K】Michael Jackson - Captain EO 1987 Disneyland

MotorWeek Season 7 pt.2

MotorWeek Season 7 pt.2

MotorWeek Season 7 pt.1 1987-1988

MotorWeek Season 7 pt.1 (1987-1988)

Ferrari F40 - Un giorno con la Supercar più travolgente di sempre

Brand New, Never Sold, 1987 Buick GNX - Jay Leno’s Garage

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1987 Chevrolet Camaro DSE-Z

1987-1988 Pontiac Mera sales video

Countach - Ferrucio Lamborghini & Valentino Balboni (1987)

Countach - Ferrucio Lamborghini & Valentino Balboni on 60 Minutes (1987)

Retro Review: Ferrari F40

1987 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Wagon: Six Liters Of Grocery-Smashing Germ...

1987 Range Rover | Retro Review

Forgotten | Lamborghini Portofino

Introduced at the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Lamborghini Portofino was a fully functional, four-door, four-seat sport sedan concept developed for Lamborghini by Kevin Verduyn, one of Chrysler's chief designers.  The logo on the hood featured the Lamborghini bull inside the Chrysler pentagon. In 1986, Kevin Verduyn designed a concept car model for Chrysler called the Navajo. The concept was a never-born, meaning it never went beyond the clay model stage, but when Chrysler acquired Lamborghini in 1987, the design was resurrected and turned into the Portofino. Built by Coggiola on a Jalpa chassis, the Portofino an early example of cab forward styling. Talking about styling, the scissor-doors made the Portofino a showstopper.  Only one prototype was produced. In 1991, it was heavily damaged, but Chrysler had it restored by Metalcrafters in Costa Mesa, CA, and it is now on display in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It was featured in Viper, (TV Series, 1994-1999 Ep. 1.02) Seve

1987 Toronto

1987 Cleveland