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Election 2024 - Biden vs. Trump: How Did We Get Here... Again?! | JEFF D...

改めて感動! 日産GT-R MY2020に一番乗り!

ストリートチューニング NA最速戦 決勝バトル!!【Best MOTORing】2017


国産スポーツ 0-180km/h フル加速TEST V OPT 257 ②

[J50現る]都内スーパーカーサウンド集 / Supercar acceleration sounds. FerrariJ50,599GTO,L...

【EnglishSUB】驚愕の筑波バトル!! SUPER BATTLE 【Best MOTORing】1994


YOKOHAMA, Japan  – Based on a whistleblower report, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) has been conducting an internal investigation over the past several months regarding misconduct involving the company's Representative Director and Chairman Carlos Ghosn and Representative Director Greg Kelly. The investigation showed that over many years both Ghosn and Kelly have been reporting compensation amounts in the Tokyo Stock Exchange securities report that were less than the actual amount, in order to reduce the disclosed amount of Carlos Ghosn's compensation. Also, in regards to Ghosn, numerous other significant acts of misconduct have been uncovered, such as personal use of company assets, and Kelly's deep involvement has also been confirmed. Nissan has been providing information to the Japanese Public Prosecutors Office and has been fully cooperating with their investigation. We will continue to do so. As the misconduct uncovered through our internal investigation con

【新作】新型スープラデモラン速攻レポート@OPTION Super FES.


Liberty Walk History -2017-

ランボルギーニ・カウンタック LP400 Vol.1

S660 Modulo X ~スポーツドライビングの歓び~篇 ドライバー土屋 圭市氏

トヨタ 2000GT(後編)

トヨタ 2000GT(前編)

トヨタ スポーツ800(前編)

フェラーリ 365GT4/BB Vol.3

Lotus Europa / ロータス・ヨーロッパ

フェラーリ 365GT4/BB Vol.2

フェラーリ 365GT4/BB Vol.1

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