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2020 C8 Corvette Z51 - Just the Noise

Porsche Has 32,000 Applications for the Taycan

1 OCTOBER 2019 Porsche builds another 500 new jobs: The company increases production in Zuffenhausen for the first purely electrically powered sports car. This is Porsche's response to the great worldwide demand for the electric sports car, which celebrated its world premiere at the beginning of September. After the completion of a Depositor programme, far more than 20,000 prospective buyers had signed up. Orders received to date also indicate strong demand. As part of the new introduction of the Taycan, the sports car manufacturer is creating a total of 2,000 new jobs at its headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Taycan's original production capacity was 20,000 units. This continues to be the requirement for the first year of production. By increasing its workforce by the end of the second quarter of 2020, Porsche is providing itself with the necessary flexibility to be able to produce more units if necessary. Andreas Haffner, Member of the Executive Board for

TECHART 092 Walkaround (DE)


Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Porsche Taycan Turbo S : 0-260 km/h !

2019 Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance: Automotive Elegance in Motion

Smart Summon

Meet the new 2020 Nissan TITAN PRO-4X

New York Minute | Alfa Romeo

Tesla Model S P100D vs Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4-Door Drag Race


New Silverado | Show them who’s Boss

Nissan IMk Concept - Tokyo Motor Show 2019


2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE | (Top Speed Test)

The Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds (JBPG) runway, located in Merritt Island FL. is not only the widest and flattest runway in the world but also close to the longest. For over 10 years, Johnny Bohmer has been performing Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing for many manufacturers and thousands of vehicles here. The all concrete runway is 3 miles long with an additional 1000 ft. asphalt runoff on each end. The runway is also 100 yds. wide with an additional 50ft wide traffic lane on each side and has an elevation variance of only 1⁄4 in. from north to south over the 3 miles making this one of the flattest, large surface concrete platforms in the world. You hardly notice the 24 in. crown in the center of the runway due to the immense width of the surface. In todays’ time, the availability of concrete would make this runway impossible to build. The traction is also substantially better here than any street surface; not as good as a drag strip, but much better than the street. John

Introducing the Nissan IMk concept, the ultimate urban EV commuter

Nissan unveils IMk concept EV for fashionable urban commuters

Chic design meets Nissan Intelligent Mobility in a zero-emission car fit for the city YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan today unveiled the IMk, a concept car that combines chic design, cutting-edge technologies and powerful EV acceleration in a compact body to create the “ultimate urban commuter.” The 100% electric car hints at the new direction of Nissan’s design language and how it helps bring to life Nissan Intelligent Mobility – the brand’s vision for changing how vehicles are powered, driven and connected to society. Immersed in this vision, Nissan designers and engineers looked at a vehicle segment that’s prevalent in their native Japan and becoming more so the world over – the city car. To meet customer demands for nimble driving characteristics and connectivity that fits a wide range of needs and lifestyles, Nissan set out to create a city runner that would stand apart from any other car in the segment. The result is the IMk concept. More than a strictly functional city c

History of Hispano Suiza