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458 Italia Beauty Shots

100 years of Chevrolet Style and Innovation

Ed Welburn on 100 years of Chevrolet Style and Innovation Celebrates brand's design heritage in its newest market 2011-04-05 Legendary GM designers Top 10 Chevrolet designs Over the past 100 years, Chevrolet has been responsible for some of the most significant and groundbreaking designs in automotive history. From its utilitarian yet stylish pick-up trucks through to the cutting edge looks of each generation of Corvette, via cars like the BelAir which helped define the era they appeared in. The bowtie logo has adorned some of the most iconic shapes of motoring. Even some of Chevrolet's designers, such as Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell, have gone on to become as legendary as some of the cars they penned.

Malibu Interior Teased

What color?

Happy 100 Chevy! Remember the 1996 Z28 Ad?

Jeep Wrangler Pork Chop

Captur is a Go!

Leaked: Volvo V70 Facelift

Next Espace?

Centennial Edition Corvette