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BREAKING | Defender Leaked

Looks exactly as it should

2020 C8 Corvette in Zeus Bronze in the Wild [Exclusive Footage]

Jay Leno's Garage: Full Opening - Charlie Sheen Rides Shotgun

Electric 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S White

Monza | What a Race

What a race. What a joke. What a shame.

F1 has been proven once again that it is more about anything, but racing.
If you are looking for racing...well, you may just look somewhere else.

When people are making mistakes it is normal to give them penalties.
But when people are putting other peoples lives in danger... giving a stop and go is of course in the same level.
No black flag, just stop and go. Good to know how equally people are being treated. Thankfully dangerous driving is almost the same thing with having wrong tyres on the car.

According to FIA at least.

Was this a race? According to FIA it was. So let's get this straight
"Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” 1984 (G. Orvell) 

Wow, just wow.
What a race.
What a joke. 
What a shame.   

Alfa Romeo Montreal - the 40 year old dream comes true!

Cupra Tavascan Electric Concept (2019): Interview - Design - SUV - Infos

World's Best Looking Car? Hyper Rare Jaguar Low Drag Coupe

Teaser: Vision Mercedes-Benz EQS


2020 C8 Corvette Interior Electronics Preview August 30 2019

Kia Mohave Interior

New Land Rover DEFENDER - Expedition 001

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