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James Bond Lotus Special at the Top Gear Test Track

Will There Be a Corvette Concept in Detroit?

It is January, so it is NAIAS. The anticipation is beyond words regarding one particular automotive dream, the Corvette. Everyone wanted it last year. But it didn't come out to play. People were guessing all year, when it will be shown. Now we do know the presentation is yet to happen. Every next Corvette generation is a real automotive event that fuels the soul of all the car enthusiasts everywhere. And this a mild understatement.   What is even more special is that this time around Corvette has yet another surprise up its sleeve (from the many), the very fact that it will go rear mid-engined.  Finally. That is precisely what Zora would say.  Now this is something out of this world. By the way GM has just trademarked the Zora name. Just before Detroit.  Talking about Detroit...    GM has many options for the new generation Corvette. One is a surprise reveal of a concept car that may/would mean that the production version is not that far away either (due to the f


New Generation Corvette Renderings

Corvette has a very rich heritage in creating beautifully designed cars. The next generation has every chance to be the worlds most beautiful car in production due to its mid engine layout. Is this?  It would be very hard not to design something very emotional and appealing in this configuration. Most of the manufacturers managed it. Most of them came up with modern-looking stylish vocabulary implemented in the ME design language.  We are talking about GM.  Their last ME design was the Cien , something so perfect that after almost 20 years it still looks like automotive design had stopped somewhere and forgot to evolve. The one before the Cadillac Cien may have been the CERVIII and the Indy . No comments here either. Just take a look at the two most advanced designs ever. Which brings us to the next question.  So will this really be the new Corvette?   Ask yourself just how evolved does this look like? Compare it to its competition. Oh, its competition is not eve

GM's Next Generation of Vehicle Light Weighting

C8 Mid Engine Corvette Zora Acceleration And Testing On Public Roads

2020 Mid-Engine Corvette (Zora) Spied!

GM Trademarks the Mid-Engine Corvette Name of ZORA