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As much as the Aventador is the car most entitled to represent the Lamborghini brand values, the Aventador S is the expression of the Lamborghini flagship par excellence, embodying the utmost synergy between design and engineering in pure Lamborghini style. The “S” has existed for 50 years The first Lamborghini S model was launched 50 years ago to represent the evolution of already revered icons. In fact, the further development of the Miura into a more improved version dates back to 1968, followed by Islero, Countach and Urraco. When the Aventador reaped this legacy and decided to surpass itself, the Aventador S was born. The design draws inspiration from predators and aeronautics The Aventador S presents pure refinement of the iconic design that remains true to the Lamborghini DNA, enhancing its mix of dynamism, refinement and aggressiveness. The sharp lines and surfaces of the front end evoke images of a shark fin, transmitting the same force and elegance when d

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