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Giugiaro Parcour Roadster | WG

Ghibli Q4 | WG

Classics | Volvo 1800 ES

TopCar Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR Limited Edition | WG

Mazda 3 | WG

Remember | Toyota 2000GT

FIA post-race press conference - Britain

Reproduced with kind permission of the FIADrivers: 1 - Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), 2 - Mark Webber (Red Bull Racing), 3 - Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)

PODIUM INTERVIEW (Conducted by Damon Hill)

Q: Nico, you’ve kept your cool when all around you were losing theirs. There were tyres going off, there were cars breaking down. Tell me, how do you feel to have won the British Grand Prix?

Nico Rosberg:
 Fantastic! It’s a very, very special day and I think what makes it more special is that our factory is so close, and our team has done such a fantastic job to come through during the season. We have such momentum going at the moment, progressing all the time. Really, really massively quick in qualifying, also getting faster and faster in the race. I think today we had equally the fastest race car as well. So, it’s a very special day for me. And this goes out… this is for all of my team colleagues working in the factory. I hope many of them have been in the grandstands watching. This one is for all of y…

Stingray Premiere Edition

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