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Mansory Ford GT Le Mansory

MANSORY presents the complete conversion "Le MANSORY" based on the Ford GT - the cult super sports car from America, which became a legend through the film "Le Mans Under the motto "One car per decade", "Le MANSORY", which is limited to only 3 copies worldwide, forms another special edition on the occasion of MANSORY's 30th anniversary in 2020. • Complete vehicle conversion • Full carbon fibre body • Special color "Bleurion Race" • Newly developed LED front headlights • Power increase to 710 PS and 840 Nm  • Limited to 3 conversions worldwide  It was undisputedly one of the cinema highlights in 2019: the film "Le Mans 66”. Main actor: The Ford GT40 and the legendary race in Le Mans 1966. While Le Mans is already a place with a special racing history - and has already been ennobled by Steve McQueen with his film adaptation of "Le Mans" – the film “LE Mans 66” has once again focused on one of the

Happy Birthday Corvette


New Bentley Bentayga 2021 - is it less ugly?


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World reveal of new Bentley Bentayga | Bentley Motors

Bentley Bentayga (2020): Facelift - Vorstellung - Luxus - SUV - Info


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NEW Bentley Bentayga: In-Depth First Look

(Crewe, 30 June 2020) Bentley has today announced details of the new Bentayga – the definitive luxury SUV, and the first car launched under Bentley’s Beyond100 business plan. With more than 20,000 Bentaygas handcrafted since the car’s launch – more than any of its competitors – the new Bentayga is set to build on an incredible success story to date. A new exterior design adopts the Bentley design DNA now prevalent across the entire model range, giving Bentley the freshest and most modern product family of any luxury car company. Introducing the very latest onboard technology and an even more cosseting cabin, the new model is significantly revised both inside and out. Combining the abilities of a performance grand tourer, a luxury limousine, a spacious family car and an off-roader, the new Bentayga follows its predecessor’s mantle of having the broadest brief of any car on sale today. The car that established the luxury SUV sector has been enhanced to create the ultimate