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A Fiberglass Ferrari!? - The Ferrari 308 vetroresina

Vetroresina means fiberglass in Italian, which is why you hear it attached to the name of the very first group of 308's ever built. The 308 was unique not only because of the material used for its body, but also for being the second ever V8-engined road Ferrari, ( Enzo Ferrari was not a big fan of V8s or V6s and was quoted many times saying that Ferrari road cars would only ever have 12-cylinder engines. That was why, when Ferrari first started producing models with V6s and V8s, they were baged as Dinos. ) The 308 was also the first Ferrari to go back to being designed by Pininfarina after a short affair the Prancing Horse had with Bertone. Ferrari had Pininfarina restyle the 308 into what would become the real successor to the Dino 246. For Ferrari 308 collectors, the pinnacle is a vetroresina (fiberglass) car. Only 808 vetroresina cars were built before production was switched to steel in 1977, making them the rarest and most collectible of the over 12,000 308s built. 

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