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Chasing 120+ Ferrari was a BAD idea.

The Eleventh Concept Car from the Top 17: Mazda Furai

Welcome, gearheads, to an exhilarating journey through automotive history as we unveil the Mazda Furai—the epitome of innovation, speed, and sheer adrenaline. Strap in as we delve into the dynamic world of the Mazda Furai, where passion meets precision and craftsmanship reigns supreme. Unveiling the Masterpiece On a fateful day in December 2007, automotive enthusiasts were treated to a sight unlike any other—the Mazda Furai. Derived from the Japanese word meaning "sound of the wind," this concept car was more than just a vehicle; it was a symphony of design and engineering. Officially introduced at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Furai marked the culmination of Mazda's relentless pursuit of automotive excellence. A Racing Legacy Drawing inspiration from its illustrious ancestor, the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning 787B, the Mazda Furai was destined for greatness on the track. Adorned with striking red and silver aero work and proudly sport


Introducing the 'RX-Vision GT3 Concept' from Mazda, now an Official Partner of the FIA GT Championships!

Gran Turismo welcomes Mazda as an Official Partner of the FIA (Fédération internationale de l'automobile) Certified Gran Turismo Championships. Accordingly, Mazda is now confirmed as a selected manufacturer for all 'World Tour 2020' live events, including the World Finals where the Series championship title is decided. The Gr.3 Class 'Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept' is coming in May! The new Gr.3 ‘Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept’ is coming to GT Sport in May and is sure to be a powerful ally to all Mazda drivers of the world competing in the official FIA Gran Turismo Championships. First revealed at last year’s World Finals in Monaco, this GT3 Class racer is based on the 'RX-Vision' rotary sports car concept that was announced at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The RX-Vision features a rotary engine at the heart of its FR layout and is a sports car that encompasses Mazda’s 'Kodo' ('Soul of Motion') design philosophy. The Gr.3 'Mazda RX-Vision

Leaked | Mazda Freestyle-door Concept

Unveiling the Mazda Koeru Concept


Mazda Furai Concept w/ rotary sound


Mazda revealed two concepts today at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The Mazda KAI CONCEPT, a compact hatchback that heralds a new generation of inspired vehicles from the award-winning Japanese carmaker, made its world premiere. It was the second appearance for the Mazda VISION COUPE, a design concept that debuted yesterday evening at a pre-show event called Mazda Design Night 2017. Featuring the next-generation SKYACTIV-X petrol engine, SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture and a more mature expression of the KODO design language, the KAI CONCEPT embodies the technology, engineering and styling concepts that will define the coming generation of Mazdas. Refinements in all areas of dynamic performance have produced a considerably quieter, more comfortable ride and enhanced performance. The KAI CONCEPT features muscular, solid proportions in a form brought to life by a delicate flow of reflections over the sides of the body. Highlights of the VISION COUPE, meanwhile, include a KODO - Soul of Mo

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

KODO: Soul of Motion Breathing Life Into The Car In 2010, Mazda inaugurated a new design philosophy: KODO—Soul of Motion. To us, a car is more than just a means of transport or a mass of metal. It should be a vital presence in people’s lives, like a friend or family member. That’s why the KODO design philosophy is all about breathing life into the very form of our cars. Mazda has captured the energy found in the frame-by-frame dynamism of living creatures as they move, and infused this energy and rhythm into the form of our vehicles, creating cars with a vitality that makes them truly alive. This is our philosophy—an all-encompassing vision that we intend to carry forward and develop into the future as an ongoing tradition. We will need to develop our aesthetic style still further if we are to continue these values into the future. For the coming generation of Mazda vehicles, we are creating a look that is even more elegant than anything seen before, yet with the sense of vitali