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Mercedes-AMG Project ONE becomes Mercedes-AMG ONE


Mercedes-AMG Project ONE becomes Mercedes-AMG ONE

In the run-up to the Paris Motor Show 2018, the performance and sports car brand announces the name of the future hypercar: Mercedes-AMG ONE. The name stands for the highest automotive ambition: to bring Formula 1 hybrid technology to the road. Mercedes-AMG ONE will be the pinnacle of the model portfolio and the absolute top-of-the-line model – as is logically referenced by the One. With intensive testing having been ongoing for months in England on high-performance test stands and race tracks, Mercedes-AMG now presents the latest development status of an outstanding technical feature: the active aerodynamics. The active aerodynamics, which is currently undergoing wind tunnel testing, features a multi-part, two-stage extendable rear wing for maximum downforce in race mode. Nowhere is better knowledge of aerodynamics to be found than in the top tier – the experts at the high-performance subsidiaries in Affalterbach, Brackley and Brixworth are working across borders on just one go