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Showing posts from January 24, 2011

Lotus Esprit Promo

Geneva 2011 - Murciélago successor introduces pushrod suspensions in series production for the first time

• New V12 super sports car with pushrod suspension for race-car precision • Detailed lightweight engineering concept with double wishbone suspension and carbon ceramic brake system • Unique ‘motorsport’ feel combined with long-distance comfort

New IS - hybrid version to achieve 25.0 km/L!

The new IS is getting ready to join the party in September. The hybrid version will get a 2.5 V6. 

Promotional film for The 1982 Corvette

Alfa Romeo 4C to Debut in Geneva?

  It has been on the net for awhile that Alfa will be showing a new sportscar in Geneva. The new 4C will use a 265 bhp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.   

Fiat Freemont

Ford Falcon GT-H Spied