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Tuatara | Reaction

Tuatara | Track Mode Shifting

Tuatara | Experience

Tuatara | Experience

Tuatara | Acceleration

SSC Tuatara | Speed

2020 SSC Tuatara

With the production of customer Tuatara hypercars well underway at SSC North America headquarters in Richland, Washington, the public has its first chance to witness the product of over a decade of design, engineering, and development as Larry Caplin and his organization, CF Charities, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania reveals his 2020 SSC Tuatara, the first of one hundred exclusive units to be produced, on February 7th, 2020 at the Philadelphia Auto Show. The SSC Tuatara is a hypercar that alters reality on several automotive design and engineering fronts. The Tuatara project, code named "Exceed", began in 2009, when SSC North America Founder and CEO Jerod Shelby began to look to the future for a successor to the company's record-breaking SSC Ultimate Aero, which held the Guinness World Record for Fastest Production Car in the World from 2007 to 2010. From there, he assembled a collaboration of industry leading individuals and firms to enhance the SSC engineering team

Press Release Brief | Tuatara Intake System

The SSC Tuatara - Insane American Hypercar

The World' Fastest Car!

Tuatara | Spring Drive

Tuatara | Chassis Dyno

Tuatara | Spring Drive

Tuatara | Hills, Turns & Curves

SSC Tuatara Intro Movie

2019 | Year of the Tuatara

Tuatara | Unprecedented Performance

SSC Tuatara - Startup, Massive Revs, Walkaround - Pagani Huayra & LaFerrari