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Press Conference: INDYCAR Announces New Long-Term Commitment By Engine P...

On October 3, 2020, INDYCAR has reached a new, multi-year extension with engine partners Honda and Chevrolet, taking their partnership well into the end of the decade and providing stability and innovation for the NTT INDYCAR SERIES. A press conference was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Jay Frye, President of INDYCAR, Mark Reuss, president of General Motors, and Ted Klaus, president of Honda Performance Development (HPD).

National Corvette Museum Walkthrough (No Commentary)

2020 IndyCar: Texas Race Highlights

2019 Corvette Hall of Fame Tom Peters

C8, C'ya | It is shocking. Literally. (designer POW)

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, — that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” Keats: Ode on a Grecian Urn Times are changing.  We may like it or not, but times are changing. As times are changing, also people and their values, and their perception about society, about society values, attitude and ultimately beauty.  And style. Look at Corvette for example. The ultimate example. In the beginning it was like a very well tailored suit. Perfectly done tuxedo. Something special, a brilliant descendant of the Jaguar-inspired elegant original C1 from 1953. And yes, the key-word here was elegance.  Hell, even the name of the black color was tuxedo black. It was the time when having a Corvette didn't mean showing what you have. Everyone knew instantly what it was. It was the Corvette. The perfect sportscar that was dressing its owner. With good taste and style. It was art, and as such it was meant to be something for eternity. As it does. This key word la

10hrs | The Indy

07.1 8 .19 1986 Indy

1 | Corvette Indy 1:3 Scale Concept Model

1 | Indy

Imagine having the confidence of 1980s General Motors. The kind of confidence that bolsters you to design a svelte, tapered, mid-engined hypercar thing loaded to the gills with (then) ultra-advanced tech and a small-displacement V-8 designed primarily to race at the Indy 500, and then proudly proclaim that, yes, this may well be what the fifth-generation Corvette could look like. This is exactly what happened back in 1986 with the mega-cool Corvette Indy concept. Of all the mid-engined Vette concepts, design studies, and engineering prototypes, the Indy and subsequent CERV III perhaps sting the sharpest as the ones that really should have been built. Instead, this pie-in-the-sky concept ended up primarily showcasing the engineering might of General Motors without the company having to bring all the resulting tech to market. Aesthetically, the Indy remains one of the most striking Corvette concepts ever created. It’s a very long and lean supercar shape, like someone took a pari

1 | 1986 Indy Mid-Engine Concept Corvette

Saturday at the 2018 Grand Prix of Portland

1986 Indy Mid-Engine Concept Corvette

Corvette: Reflections of the Stylemakers

Happy 65 Corvette!

Happy Birthday Corvette | Corvette concepts: CERV III, Aerovette, Mako Shark, Manta Ray

Friday at the 2018 KOHLER Grand Prix at Road America

The mid-engine Corvette is 60 years in the making

by Hagerty GM’s worst-kept secret is that the eighth generation Corvette will have a mid-engine layout, enabling design, performance, and engineering that will rival the best of Italy’s supercars. To tide you over until the C8 appears on the show circuit in 2019, here’s a capsule history of past mid-engine experiments. During a visit to Zora Arkus-Duntov’s home to pose a single question—Why were you so obsessed with mid-engine designs?—the Corvette’s patron saint confided that his inspiration dated all the way back to 1957, following the Corvette SS’s DNF at the 12 Hours of Sebring. “That’s when I concluded that the heat source [the engine] must be located behind the driver,” he said. Although the official explanation of the DNF was a failure of a rear suspension bushing after only 23 laps of racing, driver John Fitch’s feet were being cooked by the eight uninsulated exhaust pipes located in close proximity to the magnesium firewall and floor panels. The inherent advantage

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