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McLaren Speedtail (2018) Details / Erklärung

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McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Automotive today reveals the stunning, streamlined form and sensational specification of the McLaren Speedtail. The next chapter in McLaren’s Ultimate Series, the Speedtail is the first Hyper-GT from the pioneering British company recognized for producing luxury sportscars and supercars that deliver extraordinary driving experiences. The Speedtail can achieve the highest maximum speed of any McLaren to date, reaching 250mph, yet will also deliver an unprecedented blend of contemporary craftsmanship, materials innovation and bespoke personalization. Just 106* will be created and all are already reserved, at a price of £1.75 million plus taxes. “McLaren has never built a vehicle like the Speedtail before. As our first ‘Hyper-GT’, the Speedtail is the ultimate McLaren road car; a fusion of art and science that combines an astonishing maximum speed with an iconic central-driving position and a truly pioneering approach to bespoke personalization. A ground-breaking hybrid powertr

The McLaren Speedtail

Full reveal  The McLaren Speedtail: a momentous unity of art, technology and velocity 26 Oct 2018 McLaren’s first ‘Hyper-GT’ and the ultimate McLaren road car; harmonises sleek and seamless beauty with pioneering technologies and extreme performance A car like no other: only 106 will be produced, all of which are already reserved at a price from £1.75million plus taxes Carbon fibre McLaren Monocage body structure unique to the Speedtail envelops McLaren F1-inspired central driving position and two additional passenger seats Teardrop-shaped cockpit and dramatically elongated, aerodynamically optimised, 5.2m carbon fibre body key to Speedtail being the most aero-drag efficient McLaren road car The fastest McLaren ever built, capable of 403km/h (250mph) Pioneering petrol-electric hybrid powertrain delivers a combined 1,050PS for acceleration of 0-300km/h (0-186mph) in 12.8 seconds Unique Velocity mode optimises the powertrain and active aerodynamics to achieve maxim

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