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Battle of the Streets: Lamborghini Aventador vs. Ferrari 458 Italia

Glossary: M

MANUAL STICK SHIFT Manual stick shift is just another term to describe a manual transmission in the United States. Besides a clutch pedal, drivers of such equipped cars use a stick shaped gear lever to manually change gears. Microcar MICROCAR Called "bubble cars" in the past, modern microcars are very small vehicles designed purely for city driving. Most of them have engines borrowed from scooters or use electric power, can only sit one or two passengers and are generally found in crowded cities. Multi-Plate Transfer MPT A multi-plate transfer (or multi-plate clutch) is a set of several hydraulic clutches that are progressively engaged and disengaged to limit slip at the drive wheels. They can act either as a normal differential or a limited slip one (LSD). Most multi-plate clutches are microprocessor-controlled, using various speed sensors to determine when to engage or disengage the clutche