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2011 New York Auto Show: More info on Cadillac ATS, 7-Series Competitor, X5 Competitor

Here are some highlights from the interview:
Cadillac ATS: It is currently in development and will be built at GM’s Lansing plant starting late 2012. Will it be called ATS? Nothing confirmed as of yet. Will it come in a sedan, coupe or convertible? Sedan and coupe are most likely but again, nothing confirmed yet.Cadillac BMW 7-Series rival: The Cadillac XTS Concept is a hint at a Caddy that is larger than the CTS. However, will the production Cadillac XTS be a direct rival to the BMW 7-Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class in terms of size? Probably not. Vurpillat says that the production XTS may not get into the price category of a 7-Series or an S-Class.Cadillac BMW X5 rival: Vurpillat says that the SRX is selling really well for the brand. In terms of sales, the SRX comes in right behind the Lexus RX, which is No. 1. Vurpillat says that with the SRX, Cadillac has a two-row SUV in its portfolio and a full-size SUV with the Escalade – so there is definitely some room in between…

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