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Glossary: R

RACK-AND-PINION STEERING Delivering a more precise feel than recirculating ball systems, rack-and-pinion steering is a common type of steering mechanism on modern automobiles. In simple terms, it consists of two gears that convert rotational movement into a linear one. One of the gears meshes with a rack (a toothed metal bar), which in turn is directly linked to the wheels via tire rods. By rotating the gear with the steering shaft, the circular motion converts into a linear one and moving the rack from side to side, therefore turning the wheels into the desired direction. RAMP BREAK-OVER ANGLE The ramp break-over angle measures a vehicle's ability to safely pass over a ramp without touching its underside. For the best break-over angle possible, a high ground clearance together with a short wheelbase are necessary. REBOUND Rebound is the opposite of jounce, so it's still a vertical motion of the wheel. In other words, when