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The 1964 GM Firebird IV: The Pioneer of Self-Driving Cars

Spied | C8 Z06

2021 Corvette - High Altitude Testing

2021 Corvette Test Mule

10 C8 Test Cars Spotted in CO


Spied | C8 Corvette Z06?

Ran in to this, some camouflaged. No one would talk, but this looks a lot like a @chevrolet #Corvette #Z06 bench mark drive to me. No cameo: standard C8 Corvette, @Ferrari #488 and @Porsche #gt2rs Under camo, I heard what sounded like a turbo V6. @AutoweekUSA — Robin Warner (@RobinWarner) June 18, 2020 Here’s a short video of what could be the next @chevrolet #Corvette #Z06 @AutoweekUSA — Robin Warner (@RobinWarner) June 18, 2020

Has the 2020 C8 Corvette & Pandemic AFFECTED the C7 Market?

Best Upgrades & Modifications for the 2020 Corvette C8!

FE C8 CGI Dreams


It Exists | C8 Hybrid

Hybrid C8 Spied

Bob Lutz: Live & Unleashed

TOPICS: 09:35 - Mid-Engine Corvette 31:47 - RAM: Thanks Lutz! 39:40 - Lutz's Daily Driver 43:19 - Pontiac Solstice 48:49 - Maximum Bob Talks Tesla 56:09 - Doctor Data 59:46 - Lutz loves Rick Wagoner, Lee Iacocca 1:04:44 - Will GM bring brands back to Europe? 1:17:32 - Who should buy Tesla? 1:22:17 - Tesla conversation continues

1hr30m | 1 Last Time

07.1 8 .19 Check out all the  C8 Corvette   renderings, spottings, spy videos, pictures, patents and everything else that kept the C8 spirit alive all these years. Untill this very moment the car was referred to as the C8 Corvette, now we are witnessing the birth of the   Corvette C8 Stingray The Mid-Engine Corvette Will Be Revealed Tonight: Here's How to Watch Go here and refresh in exactly 30mins. Enjoy the show!

2hrs | Leaked

2 | Corvette C8 Render Supercut

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3 | And The Name is:

Stingray is fast approaching The Next Generation Reveal Event is almost here, where the world will be introduced to the 2020 Corvette Stingray. The name Stingray carries on the impressive legacy of this legendary performance nameplate.

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4 | 12:53

4 | Less Camo?

6 | Cteering Wheel