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Stärke Revolution Speedster Porsche 356 | Is It a Replica?

The Stärke Revolution Speedster was born out of our collective passion to create a classic, iconic body design reminiscent of the roadster's from the 1950's and combine it with the modern day performance and comfort we all demand. In a painstaking process, spanning the course of a year and half and thousands of man hours, the first ever Stärke Revolution Speedster was born. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece was brought to life by a dedicated team of some of the most talented designers, master level craftsman and fabricators in the world.  The Stärke Revolution Speedster is a bespoke, handcrafted, vintage styling, body & interior conversion that is available exclusively for the 1997-2012 Porsche® Boxster. By combining the iconic, hand sculpted Stärke Revolution body with a stellar, mid-engine, state-of-the-art, German engineered chassis results in the perfect symphony of vintage style and thrilling, modern day performance. It's sure to satisfy even the most demanding