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What happens when innovation meets the future? Geneva Motor Show 2018


Press Conference The Zerouno Duerta: Automobili Speciali, Chapter II Created in 2017 and premiered worldwide at the Geneva International Motor Show, Automobili Speciali is the new Italdesign brand associated with the production of exclusive ultra-low series cars intended for collectors. The Zerouno Duerta represents phase two in Italdesign’s strategic plan for creating iconic, highperformance products that collectors will treasure. “One year later, Zerouno has proved successful,” explained Jörg Astalosch, CEO of Italdesign. “All five vehicles were sold in just a few months after they were officially presented, showing that car and design enthusiasts continue to desire exclusive products of this kind. "We had stated that Zerouno was not merely an end in itself, nor an experiment,” Astalosch continued. “Rather, it is a new service that complements what Italdesign has been offering to the global transportation industry for 50 years. The

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