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Rimac Automobili has revealed the next stage in the development of the C_Two all-electric hypercar; a new production line. Based at Rimac’s recently opened production facility in Veliko Trgovišće, Croatia, the line will accelerate the production of C_Two prototypes necessary for final validation and crash testing for worldwide homologation. Assembling each C_Two will now take the team around five weeks, cutting the production time in half compared to the “nest production”, and allowing for the build of four final production vehicles a month at full capacity. While the prototype assembly process takes 5 weeks, the process starts much earlier at Rimac, as a large number of components and systems are produced in house and delivered to the final assembly line. So far, Rimac has assembled four early prototype vehicles, but a further 13 are needed for the testing and homologation process, followed by another 10 pre-series cars – most of which will be produced this year.  The fully-fle

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