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Nearly half a million bricks later, the first full-scale LEGO® McLaren Senna

No, there is nothing wrong with your screen. And the McLaren does not make cheap plastic interior either. But Lego does. And it is not cheap. 26 Mar 2019 Ultimate 1:1 scale LEGO® version of the McLaren Ultimate Series road car unveiled Astonishing feat of LEGO® model-making endurance: nine real McLaren Sennas could have been hand-assembled in time it took to make First interactive McLaren LEGO® model in which you can sit behind the wheel and start the ‘engine’ Incorporates seat, steering wheel and pedals from production McLaren Senna A unique, full-scale LEGO® McLaren Senna has been created in secret by shifts of specialist assemblers working around the clock. Taking nearly 5,000 hours to assemble, it comprises almost half a million separate components. Unusually for a McLaren, the LEGO Senna is something of a heavyweight, tipping the scales at 1700kg - 500kg more than the McLaren Senna that sold out as soon as it was announced in 2017. Built to click with fans the w

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Mitsubishi Motors Goes "ABSOLUTELY Beyond Tough" with Iconic Special Show Model TRITON ABSOLUTE

Tokyo, March 26, 2019 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) today unveiled the TRITON ABSOLUTE, an iconic special show model of the acclaimed TRITON (L200 in Europe) that embodies the rugged, solid, and uncompromising nature of MMC's flagship pickup at the 40th Bangkok International Motor Show 2019*. The TRITON ABSOLUTE expresses the concept "ABSOLUTELY Beyond Tough" through "Build-up Robustness" based on the "Truck Dynamism" illustrated by "More Solid and More Rugged" design and the TRITON's "Mechanical Durability". The striking features of the TRITON ABSOLUTE will showcase the robustness of the pickup's frame, and convey the rugged design and uncompromising presence of the TRITON in every environment. This special model's protective body paneling, rugged style, and bold lighting systems take on the "ABSOLUTELY Beyond Tough" nature of the TRITON, which has been relayed across generations of the outsta

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