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Mate Rimac Gives Us A Tour of The NEW Hybrid V-16 1775 HP Bugatti Tourbi...

CHIRON PUR SPORT - Digital Presentation

The $9 Million Ultimate Throwback Hypercar!

2020 Bugatti Centodieci VS Bugatti EB110 Super Sport

The price of the EB110 has instantly increased.  Just put the two next to each other. Tremendous idea, but Bugatti needs a designer. Badly.  Maybe they should have taken Sasha's original idea with the Chiron on the first place. Who knows... Almost as careful lacking (or avoiding) any trace of creativity as the C8 Corvette design team. If that is only possible.  But people love it. Both.  Whaddaya know...  

Bugatti Centodieci - Exclusive Hyper Sports Car

Bugatti Centodieci: £9m EB110-Inspired Hypercar

Bugatti Centodieci – Exclusive small series in extraordinary design

First the C8. Now this (these - Chiron, Divo, LVN, 110). Did imagination with creativity, simplicity and fine taste really vanish nowadays?  So predictably boring it hurts. Only hurts those who are not lack of the aforementioned values. This is the minority. The absolute minority. Who still know a thing or two about passionate design.     But people love it. The majority.  Of course they have impeccable sense of styling and superior taste in art. Still one can only admire what a wonderful job Mr. Winkelmann does. He really does. Too bad the future will only see this as a rebodied Chiron. Which it really is. But that's okay if the goal was a forgettable attempt to memorize an even more forgettable attempt (Chiron) that is the core of a manufacturer that has forgotten true passion, excellence in design. And beauty in general.  Coachworking? Hell yes. Design? Well...       Press release follows.     Molsheim, 16 August 2019. Exceptional design and vast power have been t

BUGATTI at The Quail Motorsports Gathering

Bugatti World Premiere