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The Final Challenge - 11 - Al Taween Pass

Glossary: B

Brake Assist System BAS This Brake Assist System (BAS), developed by Mercedes-Benz to shorten emergency stopping distances, takes over if a driver doesn't apply enough braking power in a critical situation. The system automatically develops maximum brake boost, thus reducing the actual stopping distance by a significant margin (according to Mercedes-Benz in-house tests, by almost 45%). Belt force limiters BELT FORCE LIMITERS The belt force limiter is located inside the inertia reel on the belt housing and consists of a torsion bar. When a force exceeding a certain level acts on the belt strap, the torsion bar produces a controlled reduction in the locking effect of the inertia reel. In other words, it automatically limits the stress on the occupants chest in the case of sudden braking or a frontal collision. Brake Force Display BFD Brake Force Display is a system developed by BMW for alerting tailgating