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McLaren Senna GTR: the ultimate racetrack driving experience

Just twelve months after it was revealed as a concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show, the McLaren Senna GTR is revealed as a fully-fledged track machine – uncompromised, unconstrained and unshackled by road or racing regulations. McLaren Automotive’s most track-focused Ultimate Series car has evolved in key areas to deliver on its promise of hypercar power and accessible handling with the aerodynamics and chassis of a thoroughbred racer. The result is a machine able to lap circuits faster than any McLaren outside Formula 1, providing its owners, of all abilities, with an unparalleled track driving experience. The McLaren Senna GTR takes the road-legal McLaren Senna – already the lightest, most powerful and track-focused but road-legal car that McLaren builds – several steps further into the realm of ultimate performance. Without the constraints of road or racing regulations, the new Ultimate Series car is more powerful, weighs less, boasts an incredible 1,000kg plu

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