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24 Hours of Le Mans 2024 Live Stream | 24 Hours of Le Mans Full Race

Y/N | C8 w/wo Scissor Doors

Now That’s a Cardiac, feat. John Mulaney, Nick Kroll and Awkwafina

Ever Wonder Why VW Names Are SO Weird?

Best Hell'oween Names? Rolls-Royce Phantom Pontiac Banshee AMC Gremlin Lamborghini Diablo Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Rolls-Royce Wraith Lamborghini Murcielago (Spanish for “bat”) TVR Cerbera Dodge Demon TVR Chimaera Lamborghini Deimos Lamborghini Islero Lamborghini Sesto Elemento What do you think?

EU, Fuel Labels

Today, a new harmonised set of fuel labels will appear across Europe. They will give drivers better information on the suitability of fuels for their vehicles wherever they travel in the EU, helping them avoid misfuelling and informing on the environmental impact of their choice. Alternative fuels can help reduce Europe's air quality problems, much of which are caused by transport emissions. However, the growing diversity of fuels available on the European market means that drivers, businesses and fuel station operators need clearer information on fuels sold at filling stations From now on, when customers arrive at a public filling station of any Member State, they will notice new EU-wide harmonized fuel symbols on fuel dispensers and fuel nozzles. The same harmonised, easy-to-read, clear and simple labels will also be compulsory for newly produced vehicles and will be shown on the fuel-filler caps. These new labels do not replace existing names and brands of fuels, nor qual


Halo Fan Builds A Real Life Warthog

Unidentified Driving Object

Time Attack | Subaru Makes a Record in Transsylvania on ‘The Best Road in the World’

The long story short. There is the Nurburgring. For the Porsche.    There is the VIR. For the Corvette.  Well kind of. What about Subaru? After doing the Nurburgring, climbing the Goodwood Hills it seemed like it was eating up all the roads it could find in its way. It was hungry for more. There is a magical road. Somewhere. No, it is not the Stelvio. This one is somewhere else. This one is better. Much better. Hint #1: Transsylvania.  Hint #2: Jeremy Clarkson called this road the best in the world. Hint #3  It is not. It is only the second best in Transsylvania. So game on. Sounds like a challenge. What do we need? Team spirit. Prodrive takes care of that. And a big hug. A road-hugging fast car. A WRX STI Type RA. And the road. The road closed to traffic for several hours... The result is staggering. The full 52.4 miles of the run went by in 40 minutes, 58.8 seconds. Average speed was 76.69 mph. Record made. Who's next?

The Differences Between V6 and Straight-Six Engines

The Pros & Cons Of Inline-Five Cylinder Engines

Bimmer-pedia | For Those Who Need

No Urus, C60 Hyosow, No Comment

CTRL-C + CTRL-V? You Are Wrong.

This Is NOT a Lamborghini. This is the New SUV from the Chinese Huansu. 

Spied | What do you think it is?

Whaz | Do you like what you see?

Talking About Bond | WTF

What Car Does Stig's Wife Drive?

Wait a minute, does Stig have a wife?

POTD | Name the car and model

Whaz | Lamborghini V12