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Mercedes-Benz EQ: Enjoy Electric

62 | 1962 Vette

62 | Another CGI

Looks snappy, doesn't it?! This time around when there are only 62 days left to see the real deal everybody is rushing to get a glimpse of what might be just about the most anticipated reveal ever.  Spoilers  #1 It is going to be beautiful. Hell beautiful, sexy. Especially in Zeus bronze to begin with.   #2 Relax, they still didn't crack the design between the front and rear bumper. None of the CGIs are there yet. Just yet. There are so many details they missed. Front lights, rear lights, brake lights, splitters (all of them), engine cover, pillars, exact proportions, etc. Side scoop also different. Think more Raptor (not the car) CERVIII and Viper. Patience is a virtue. 62 remember?

62 | Corvette C8 Acceleration