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Showing posts from November 6, 2012

Corvette is Getting Ready - R U? C4

Good Evening with Corvette 4! 

Alpine - Press conference of November 5, 2012, presenting the Renault - Caterham partnership

12.12.12 - The Bull Unleashed | DMC Aventador Teaser

Aventador on Vellano

BMW M635 CSi from 1984 High Speed on Nürburgring Circuit

Please Welcome the Maserati Quattroporte VI

First Official Pictures 

Kazutoshi Mizuno: The Man in Front of GT-R

Miami R U Ready? Aventador Roadster

By Wildspeed via GTSpirit

Tesla Model S sprint: from 0 to 120 km/h

Porsche Dreams 1955

1978 Trans Am "10th Anniversary"

Volt's Fuel Economy | 2013 Chevy Volt | Chevrolet

MP Car Design - Alfa Romeo Orazio Satta II

McLaren MP4 12C SPIDER High Speed on Racetrack [HD]

Niteshift - SLS 63 AMG GT3 "45th Anniversary" (C197)