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Is this the New Audi A1?

The Audi A1 Sportback in detail

Seriously? | The VWAuSkoat aka 2019 Audi A1 Sportback

It's not that is ugly or anything, and it sure didn't get any better since last time , but it is the perfect example of mediocre design with mildly overrated fun-factor. Is it cool? Well... let's just say everything is okay, the skoda-ness, or seat-ness or whatever perfect premium vw-ness, only one thing is missing. The feeling, the 'instant get' feeling. That 'wow'-thing. Is has none. It has one less than its name would make you think. And that's zero, nothing, nada. Or maybe there is a wow after all. Just look at those fake-plastic holes on front. Wow. They must have loved those from the Honda Civic. Is it an Audi? If Audi means high quality, fake, un-original, un-provocative, un-imaginative, un-designed, sterile but reliable A to B means of transport...then yes. If Audi means Q8, Quattro, R8...then no. Because somehow Audi made a mistake with all these cars. Sure they are all marvels of technology and can take you from A to B, too. But they contain

Leaked | VWAuSkoat | A1