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Onboard Lap Daniil Kvyat Lamborghini SC63 Hypercar I Qatar Airways Qatar...

Leaked | Tonale

Looking cheap and extremely outdated like any modern Alfa Romeo, but some will love it. But if they could make people pay money for a Fiat Multipla, then selling this with an AR badge shouldn't be a problem. Too bad the spirit of Alfa Romeo is long dead, but hey as long as people settle with less... why even try to go for more? Way to go design team, congrats for making a Toyota? Toyota said 30-or-so years ago in a campaign "Nichts ist Unmöglich" Nothing is impossible. Alfa designers proved this exactly.  Again. Managed to "underperform" something that was almost "underperformable" design-wise and still being considered by a vast majority appealing. It's a shame because they seem to make good cars lately. Nothing bellissima, but it is okay. Some 30 years ago, Now also goes. If you can afford a serious coachbuilder..   Again it is a shame because it is Italian. And they say Italian design should really be inspiring. (Without a help of a coa

Monza | What a Race

What a race. What a joke. What a shame. F1 has been proven once again that it is more about anything, but racing. If you are looking for racing...well, you may just look somewhere else. When people are making mistakes it is normal to give them penalties. But when people are putting other peoples lives in danger... giving a stop and go is of course in the same level. No black flag, just stop and go. Good to know how equally people are being treated. Thankfully dangerous driving is almost the same thing with having wrong tyres on the car. According to FIA at least. Was this a race? According to FIA it was. So let's get this straight "Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” 1984 (G. Orvell)  Right? Wow, just wow. What a race. What a joke.  What a shame.   

2020 Bugatti Centodieci VS Bugatti EB110 Super Sport

The price of the EB110 has instantly increased.  Just put the two next to each other. Tremendous idea, but Bugatti needs a designer. Badly.  Maybe they should have taken Sasha's original idea with the Chiron on the first place. Who knows... Almost as careful lacking (or avoiding) any trace of creativity as the C8 Corvette design team. If that is only possible.  But people love it. Both.  Whaddaya know...  

C8, C'ya | It is shocking. Literally. (designer POW)

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, — that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” Keats: Ode on a Grecian Urn Times are changing.  We may like it or not, but times are changing. As times are changing, also people and their values, and their perception about society, about society values, attitude and ultimately beauty.  And style. Look at Corvette for example. The ultimate example. In the beginning it was like a very well tailored suit. Perfectly done tuxedo. Something special, a brilliant descendant of the Jaguar-inspired elegant original C1 from 1953. And yes, the key-word here was elegance.  Hell, even the name of the black color was tuxedo black. It was the time when having a Corvette didn't mean showing what you have. Everyone knew instantly what it was. It was the Corvette. The perfect sportscar that was dressing its owner. With good taste and style. It was art, and as such it was meant to be something for eternity. As it does. This key word la

62 | Another CGI

Looks snappy, doesn't it?! This time around when there are only 62 days left to see the real deal everybody is rushing to get a glimpse of what might be just about the most anticipated reveal ever.  Spoilers  #1 It is going to be beautiful. Hell beautiful, sexy. Especially in Zeus bronze to begin with.   #2 Relax, they still didn't crack the design between the front and rear bumper. None of the CGIs are there yet. Just yet. There are so many details they missed. Front lights, rear lights, brake lights, splitters (all of them), engine cover, pillars, exact proportions, etc. Side scoop also different. Think more Raptor (not the car) CERVIII and Viper. Patience is a virtue. 62 remember?

Corvette Poised For Detroit Debut

Sources claim to watch Detroit. Not saying Corvette, only hinting on a huge surprise. Well, it terms of size the Escalade is huge. However they say size is not all that matters. So...Corvette it is.  Already seen the interior. So far it looks to be Corvette. At least after looking at the emblem. And the design. A bit like a C7 mixed with Stingray Concept and Millennium Falcon or something.  So...surprise At least act like you will be surprised. Didn't hear from us.  But you know what, don't act, surprised you will be. You will be.  

Will There Be a Corvette Concept in Detroit?

It is January, so it is NAIAS. The anticipation is beyond words regarding one particular automotive dream, the Corvette. Everyone wanted it last year. But it didn't come out to play. People were guessing all year, when it will be shown. Now we do know the presentation is yet to happen. Every next Corvette generation is a real automotive event that fuels the soul of all the car enthusiasts everywhere. And this a mild understatement.   What is even more special is that this time around Corvette has yet another surprise up its sleeve (from the many), the very fact that it will go rear mid-engined.  Finally. That is precisely what Zora would say.  Now this is something out of this world. By the way GM has just trademarked the Zora name. Just before Detroit.  Talking about Detroit...    GM has many options for the new generation Corvette. One is a surprise reveal of a concept car that may/would mean that the production version is not that far away either (due to the f

New Generation Corvette Renderings

Corvette has a very rich heritage in creating beautifully designed cars. The next generation has every chance to be the worlds most beautiful car in production due to its mid engine layout. Is this?  It would be very hard not to design something very emotional and appealing in this configuration. Most of the manufacturers managed it. Most of them came up with modern-looking stylish vocabulary implemented in the ME design language.  We are talking about GM.  Their last ME design was the Cien , something so perfect that after almost 20 years it still looks like automotive design had stopped somewhere and forgot to evolve. The one before the Cadillac Cien may have been the CERVIII and the Indy . No comments here either. Just take a look at the two most advanced designs ever. Which brings us to the next question.  So will this really be the new Corvette?   Ask yourself just how evolved does this look like? Compare it to its competition. Oh, its competition is not eve

Did Aston Just Say Something Between the Lines?

Design never lies.  Looking at the Vantage , you may have noticed similarities between this and the DB10 . As a matter of fact it seems like the DB10 from the James Bond movie is the real successor of the Vantage. If this is true, then Aston may have reached its design apex regarding the evolution of the post-Fisker era.  What further develops from this idea, is that the Vulcan is merely a tendency in the Aston Martin design vocabulary. This enhances the very fact that some of the Vantage design's elements resonates with the Vulcan and the DB11 .  This concludes that the DB10 was done after the DB11. What does this mean? It may mean that the design-wise top dog Aston of this decade will be the DB10, since it completely lacks any Vulcan/DB11 vocabulary. The final conclusion of this would be that the ultimate design expression of these days is the DB10. Not the DB11 or the Vantage. At least according to Aston Martin.  Only between the lines speaking. Of course.      

So Long Viper, See You In a Couple of Years.

When the Camaro was having a break, deep inside we knew it will be back. The people really believed it was the end. But the feeling was still there. A couple of years later the concept roared in. Teaching a lesson. It only takes a couple of brave enthusiastic with deep roots in passion. On the right places. Thriving market Which is not the case this time. However the same deja vu feeling returned. Viper died. For now. But you should be aware it did not die of natural causes. It has been meticulously destroyed. Killed. Willingly or not, but killed. By taking the right steps. If you want to destroy a healthy company in the shortest time period possible, follow these very guides. Not understanding, not knowing and of course incompetence. First by DC (that almost took down the entire Chrysler empire like a virus) and then by FCA closely following its footsteps. Which was even worse. The market is still there. Alive and kicking. Stronger than ever. Look at Porsche sales numbers, look a

Even More Leaked Pics | BMW 8 Series Concept

In terms of design BMW in last decade or so has been more or less...invisible. (Well, industrial waste would be a more proper expression, but we love BMW, so we don't say this. ) Until now.  BMW was a manufacturer that used to build cars. But that was long ago. Since then, they pollute the streets with good quality, uber-boring products, looking so average that even C-3PO would cry for its eyes. Most of them were/are good. Maybe. But that is not the case. Yet when we look up in the dictionary for the word boring, BMW was right next to Audi.  Until now.    Now with this heavy Infiniti conceptual style-taste design, it seems they are back in business. These proportions seem right, the flair is back, it really looks like a car that was designed by people who love cars and design cars. Not products. So finally this is a car. Their last models, where we could use the term design and BMW in the same sentence, was the i-series, the GranCoupe and...the 1st gen X6. Many peop

Andonis Says | Paris(Dakar)-bound Lamborghini Concept

'Once perfection is achieved, you can only double it' Andoniscars has been receiving some letters concerning the new Lamborghini models identity. As you all have seen here  Lamborghini is teasing a new concept vehicle. It is clear it is not an Aventador or a Huracan. But what is it?

Estoque Shooting Brake or Flying Star III?

What IF What if Lamborghini finally made a proper shooting brake ? What if Ferrari FF had some Sant'Agata competition? Would it be called Flying Star III?

Like it? Don't? Thank to Fiat | Jeep Cherokee Returns

In the attempt to ruin all the brands of Chrysler and some Fiat (with the cheapest possible design), this is the latest creation. Now that Alfa Romeo looks as it does (a far cry from La Bellezza non basta, hopefully they follow the Brera, the 159, 8C, and whatever left from decency, proportions and beauty), Lancia (or Chrycia - two steps from suicide, the only car they have is the Delta), Maserati (going upscale Fiat - New Quattroporte AKA Grand Linea with some fine touches, hope the next Maseratis will have Maserati cues too), Dodge (when did they stop manufacturing Dodge), the Viper (okay, now time to hire some professional designers and stop playing the bad boy), Chrysler (yet to enter the automotive business, you can't be serious with the - outdated by birth - 300 it's a joke, but not funny anymore), now the time has come to ruin Jeep, too. Has it? You tell us after seeing the Alfa Cherokee.  The only brand alive and kicking (with NEW ideas indeed) from the entire FIAT

Cadillac (1902 - 201?)

Andonis says: Avantgarde (Part two)

The quest goes on to find the most avantgarde automotive milestones of all-time.

Andoniscars - 365days + 360.000 Times Thank You!

2011. 12. 12

Andonis says: Avantgarde - Ferrari

Andonis says: Avantgarde (Part one)

What is avant garde? What does an avantgarde car mean? What makes a car avantgarde? How does it refer to the other cars of its time? How does the design express avantgardism?

Andonis says: Corvette "C7"

Allright, let's talk about the C7. 

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