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Deep Dive: Corvette C8 - AAH #489 LIVE

Nissan GT-R FIA GT1 Race Car

JRM, a UK-based advanced engineering company that has a history steeped in motorsport success, has taken their world-championship winning expertise and developed a limited-edition race car that is road legal. As GT1 title winners in the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT1, as well as building and running the GT3 for customer racing, JRM is releasing their version of the ultimate race car for the road. Limited to a run of only 23 cars, all hand-built at their UK headquarters in Daventry with each limited-edition chassis individually numbered, JRM’s GT23 will commence production in Spring 2020. It will be available to customers around the globe and open to pre-orders from 10th December 2019. In creating the GT23, JRM has reviewed all the major systems in the car, and where appropriate redesigned components to enhance track performance. The holistic approach has included significant changes to weight, weight distribution and inertia which required significant changes to engine position

1991 Porsche Episode

Huracán Performante by R1 Motorsport

Neuron EV T-One (2020) Ready To Fight Tesla Cybertruck

Neuron EV® T-ONE, World's First Modular Electric Utility Vehicle

Neuron EV® TORQ, Pure Electric Semi Truck

How Different Colours Could Help You Drive Further

M5 Competition by AC Schnitzer auf dem "Papenburg 3000" Event - Continental

Milestones: Vehicle lighting through the ages

Seeing and being seen: both are only possible with the help of light. And both are essential for road safety. Even the first cars had the simplest of headlamps. Today there are state-of-the-art light concepts such as DIGITAL LIGHT, with which Mercedes-Benz lives up to its tradition of high safety standards. At the darker times of year in particular, light is one of the key safety factors, as the risk of an accident still doubles when darkness falls. Vehicle lighting has long been about much more than a vehicle's light source. It also enhances convenience and design. From candlelight in 1886 to cutting-edge light concepts such as DIGITAL LIGHT − the inventor of the automobile has introduced numerous lighting innovations. 1886: Like their technical predecessor, the horse-drawn carriage, the world's first cars were equipped with candlelit lanterns offering just a few metres of visibility. Driving in the dark was therefore something of an adventure. Petroleum and carbi

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C8 Corvette | Brochure

C8 Corvette Z06 Widebody

Cizeta Moroder V16T: Resurrecting the Wolf Documentary


NISSAN GT-R #SuperGT 2019 Season Summary

Vector W8: Driving Experience

The Vector W8 Is the Craziest Supercar Ever Made

2020MY IMPREZA SEDAN Promotional Video "Wherever"

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban Factory

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