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Aston Martin Vantage Roadster (2021) Exterior & Interior


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New Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible | Exhilarating Performance in Portugal

Polestar takes sustainability seriously with innovative new solutions for car interiors

Polestar identifies next steps towards reducing carbon footprint with innovative interior materials for future production models Innovative materials such as Bcomp’s natural fibre composite solutions reduce plastic content, cut weight and could improve crash behaviour for interior panels Responsible use of materials includes 3D-knit fabric for seats utilising 100% recycled PET bottles, interior plastics infused with waste cork products and carpets derived from recycled fishing nets Following in the footsteps of the vegan interior featured as standard in the Polestar 2, Polestar identifies its next steps towards full-circle sustainability for its vehicles. Working with specialists in the field, the contemporary electric performance brand is aiming to reduce weight, cut plastic content and lessen waste material with innovative natural and recycled source materials. “It’s clear that to be truly sustainable we have to evaluate every element that goes into our cars,” says Thoma

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Introducing Czinger 21C: a hypercar built for the 21st century

Marking its place in history, and a paradigm shift in the way vehicles are designed, developed, engineered and manufactured, Czinger Vehicles teases its upcoming hypercar, 21C, ahead of Geneva International Motor Show 2020 global debut (Czinger’s press conference 3 March, 11:00 – 11:15 CET). The preview showcases an in-house developed strong hybrid powertrain, in-line seating configuration and iconic design lines. Pictured against the Californian backdrop of Bixby Bridge and Pacific Coast Highway, the teaser film is a nod to Czinger's Californian heritage in the brand's first public announcement.  Czinger is the first of its kind to develop novel additive manufacturing technologies to devise a groundbreaking hypercar. From a cutting-edge chassis and bespoke structures to pioneering high-performance components, Czinger has crafted a revolutionary hypercar fit for the 21st century. Based in Los Angeles, California, Czinger’s global debut will be at the Geneva Inter

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Hyundai Motor gives a first glimpse of new i30

12 February 2020 - Hyundai Motor has revealed the first glimpse of the new i30 ahead of its public world premiere at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. It features a host of design upgrades including redesigned bumpers and new LED headlamps, bringing a stronger, sharper look and more visual appeal. In the teaser images showcasing the N Line model, some of the most significant new design features can be seen. The redesigned front bumper and the new grille featuring an updated mesh pattern are shown, exposing the wider look and stronger stance of the new i30. These elements are complemented by new LED headlamps and V-shaped integrated Daytime Running Lights, to create a more impactful first impression of the car. Further design highlights for the new i30 will be seen when more images are released in the coming weeks. These include new rear bumper, rear lights and alloy wheel designs in 16-inch, 17-inch and 18-inch styles. The interior design has also been enhanced, with a new digit

21 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

The heartbeat of Aston Martin’s sports car range just got that little bit faster with the introduction of the new Vantage Roadster. Joining the Vantage Coupe, which was launched in 2018, this convertible model amplifies the emotional appeal of a model renowned for delivering a compelling blend of potent performance, outstanding dynamics and everyday usability. Testament to the uncompromising design, engineering and execution of this scintillating open-top two-seater, Vantage Roadster shares the Vantage Coupe’s absolute commitment to driving thrills. Powered by Aston Martin’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo 510PS/685Nm V8 engine and mated to an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, Vantage Roadster accelerates from 0-60mph in just 3.7sec and is capable of 190mph with the roof raised. While Vantage Roadster mirrors the Coupe’s exceptional tactility, pace and cornering performance, the design of the body is very much its own. The tautly tailored fabric hood features a compact powered Z-fold me

Neuron EV® T-ONE, Interior Video

Neuron EV® T-ONE, World's First Modular Electric Utility Vehicle