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Glossary: H

HALF-SHAFT A half-shaft is an articulated, rotating shaft used in independent suspension systems to transmit power from a differential to a drive wheel. Hardtop HARDTOP Hardtop is an automotive term which usually describes a rigid (sometimes detachable or even retractable) vehicle roof. Hatchback HATCHBACK A hatchback is a type of automobile layout, consisting of a passenger cabin which includes an integrated cargo space, accessed from behind by a hatch or a flip-up window - which is usually counted as a 3rd or 5th door. Hatchbacks are also often called three-doors (two entry doors and the hatch) or five-doors (four entry doors and the hatch) cars. HAULING CAPACITY The hauling capacity is the maximum amount of weight - including driver, passengers, options, accessories and luggage - that can be carried by a vehicle, according to the manufacturer. Hight Pressure Diesel direc