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Love Story | 4C Coupe | Alfa Romeo USA

2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and Spider Since its foundation in Milan, Italy, in 1910, Alfa Romeo continues to design and craft some of the most stunning and exclusive cars in automotive history, all while building on a racing heritage that includes some of the most talented and storied drivers and victories. The 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C offers driving enthusiasts a mid-engine design inspired by the brand’s legendary racing history and represents the essential sportiness embedded in the brand’s DNA. Handcrafted in Modena, Italy, the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and 4C Spider offer seductive Italian styling and a state-of-the-art Formula 1-inspired carbon fiber monocoque chassis that enables an incredible 10.4 power-to-weight ratio. Advanced technologies include the all-aluminum 1750cc turbocharged engine with direct-injection, dual intercoolers, and variable-valve timing, enabling supercar-level performance. New for 2018 Front fascia with carbon fiber vents (optional on 4C Coupe and Spider)

Aventador Gal