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How Porsche Wet Mode works

The innovative assistance system includes a function for detecting significant wet road conditions and a corresponding vehicle setup for increased driving stability on wet road surfaces. “Wet Mode was developed to provide the driver with consistent support in wet conditions. It does not restrict the maximum power of the engine or limit the top speed, and should therefore also not be used as insurance for driving too fast in very wet conditions. Instead, it should be seen as an assistance system in the truest sense,” says August Achleitner, who has been head of the model series for many years. How Porsche Wet Mode works Porsche Wet Mode can automatically detect a wet road and warn the driver about the risk of aquaplaning. For this purpose, acoustic sensors in the front wheel housing detect swirled-up spray water. This makes it fundamentally different from windscreen wiper rain sensors, which only react optically to water droplets on the windscreen independently of the road c

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