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Rolls-Royce Ghost Silence and Serenity

When reviewing client feedback from the first Goodwood Ghost, it was clear that its cocooning, near-silent acoustic properties were of the utmost importance. These men and women operate in complicated business worlds and value the sense of calm and wellness that their Rolls-Royce creates. Therefore, in creating new Ghost, the marque’s team of acoustic specialists were obsessively focussed on this highly complicated engineering task. To achieve a sense of absolute serenity, the acoustic team began by adapting the marque’s proprietary aluminium spaceframe architecture, which itself offers benefits owing to the metal’s higher acoustic impedance compared with steel and its construction from complex forms rather than flat, resonant surfaces. A double-skinned bulkhead section was selected to insulate the cabin from the already near-silent 6.75-litre V12 engine and cavities in the roof, boot and floor were created to fill with more than 100kg of sound-absorbing materials. Additionally, do

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