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Ford Airstream Concept

2007 Airstream Concept Overview
TWO AMERICAN ICONS DELIVER THE CROSSOVER MODEL OF THE FUTURE WITH THE FORD AIRSTREAM CONCEPT Crossover growth is exploding : Ford Airstream Concept speaks to the future of crossovers as the market segment is projected to top 3 million units annually by the end of the decade. Green Journey : Ford Airstream Concept is powered by a new plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell -- called HySeries Drive -- that operates under electric power at all times and delivers the combined city/highway equivalent fuel economy of 41 miles per gallon. Two icons of American transportation: Ford and Airstream have teamed up to deliver a futuristic crossover concept, showing what tomorrow's road trip vehicles could look like.

Playing to win in the growing crossover segment, Ford has joined with another iconic company to showcase how it could further expand its lineup of expressive crossovers with the Ford Airstream Concept.

"Crossovers are an increasingly important part of our business, and Ford is going to continue developing an expressive range of these vehicles," says Peter Horbury, executive director -- Design, The Americas. "The Ford Airstream Concept is a futuristic look at crossovers. It's the ultimate modern touring vehicle that delivers flexibility and capability with dynamic design that evokes the spirit of the journey."

The concept is powered by a plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell drivetrain -- called HySeries Drive™ -- that operates under electric power at all times. This advanced fuel cell system is half the weight and cost of today's fuel cells and can operate in the dead of winter. That's a major step forward because today's fuel cells don't do well when the mercury dips below freezing.