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2020 Sakhir Grand Prix: Race Highlights

So how was it? 
Was this the second race of the season? (with apparently no cheating whatsoever). 
The first lap belonged to the great and talented. Obviously. Those great and talented drivers, who drive fast and mostly red cars. And a black one. But there is a red star on it. 
Excuse my french, there was a typo. Find the wrong word in the previous sentence. 
Driving. Especially since 2018 Austin. They are...driving. 
Or diving?

Power is Nothing Without Control 

George Orwells 1984 comes up everytime seeing those... drivers. 
If I say you are flying and someone else says you are flying...then you are flying. Or something like this. Because they are not flying. 
Looks like they are driving. 
And the red ones are a very strong team. They are not cursed. Of course not. 
Who would do such a thing? 
Sorry for Verstappen though. He did everything he could. 
To avoid the great and talented drivers. Who are driving. Their best. 
What he did not do was staying home. But who knows, these great and talented super licensed drivers would be a menace to him even in his living room. 
Max (#33), not your fault. 

Concluding remarks

What is surprising though is that these great and very talented drivers (#16, #77), with the Piruett Primadonna (#5) still have seats for next nears. Doesn't this surprise You dear F1 fan? 
What is even more surprising that actual the winner of the race DOES NOT. 
How 'bout that. Isn't this intriguing?
For some maybe. And what was that about with the double stack incident?
Careful there!  
Probably those cars are 100% identical. That is why they must have mixed them. You know the very black (murdered out) ones.   
There is nothing wrong with F1.

Probably not. 

...and Russel (#63) did a tremendous job. 



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