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MT Confidential” section April 2021 issue

"The C8 Corvette’s somewhat fussy styling was already locked and loaded when Michael Simcoe took over at GM Design Chief.

But sources in Detroit say the mid-cycle re-design Simcoe had originally planned for 2025 has been put on the back burner as GM pours money in its electrical vehicle program. However, inside say an interior redesign aimed at among other things fixing the array of buttons and switches cascading down the buttress on the right side of the center console has survived the bean counters. The redesigned interior will reportedly appear on 2023 C8’s."

all because of this?

they mess with the INTERIOR? and leave the EXTERIOR (the ugliest - most busy-boring exterior (to an uncorvettish extent) to a Corvette yet - probably even worse than the C5) untouched? 

this was the BEST interior ever in a production car! by far. 

they should just make the Indy or the CERV and adjust the current interior, and call it a C9.

there is ONLY 1 good line on the whole C8 exterior...the side intake. that is a design masterpiece.   

Interior is top notch. 

Exterior not so much. 


  1. look at the sales. if you can make it better, fine. but dont ruin it for the sake of some naysayer BJ so called 'journalists', who have no clue about sports cars whatsoever. because whoever was criticizing THIS interior - has obviously no clue.
    if you want to change anything, try the exterior. cant ruin that one.

    or go the porsche way. do a new edition, with no central whatever the hell ppl think is wrong - and call it BJ edition. then check sales :)


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