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SINGER VEHICLE DESIGN ANNOUNCES DETAILS OF CLIENT-COMMISSIONED ‘DYNAMICS AND LIGHTWEIGHTING STUDY’ UNDERTAKEN WITH WILLIAMS ADVANCED ENGINEERING AND OTHER PARTNERS A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence through a Lightweight Philosophy Access to the results of the study, referred to as “DLS,” will be available to no more than 75 enthusiasts beginning November 14th These commissions will be undertaken in the UK at a new Singer facility on the Williams campus in Grove, Oxfordshire LOS ANGELES, November 14, 2017 Origins: As announced in August 2017, Singer client, and Porsche enthusiast Scott Blattner, requested lightweighting and high-performance enhancements for his 1990 Porsche 964. To meet the goals defined in collaboration with Scott, Singer undertook a Dynamics and Lightweighting Study “DLS” with Williams Advanced Engineering – part of the Williams Grand Prix Engineering Group.  As a result, Singer engaged Williams and a formation of technical partners to engineer a select