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What's your reason not to change? The first-ever BMW iX. OK Boomer, huh?

Is this cool? Is it still a BMW? Is it a waste of time? Even looking at it?
Is BMW...getting ill? 
Lackluster design will not cut the OK Boomer phrase. If someone is patronizing at least should show something. 

They said it is a new design, something fresh. We have to get used to it. When a company has to explain a design, then it smells like trouble. 
Something new? Something fresh? Where? 
Maybe the i3 was, the i8 sure as hell was. 

But this thing? At least the M4 is ugly as sin. But this thing? Not even ugly. Not even...anything

Are we talking about the same thing? Is this even a car? 
Show a good angle, show a good line, show a bad line, show anything NEW... if you fail to show a BMW.
Or is this the new BMW? Where? All there is a mediocre at best design... even invisible would be better. 
Or no car at all. Was this even designed? 
By Stevie Wonder?
Is this rock bottom, or can you get any lower than this? 

Mercedes will love you for this. Even Tesla. Or anyone who did not even have a chance. As a fact of a matter either BMW is working for the competition or this was just the design sepuktu of the century?
Oh and the marketing. Don't forget about that. 
Ok BMW?  

Oh, for those who do not know what BMW is - maybe only Boomers remember BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) used to make cars as automobiles. And motor bikes. Darn good ones. Nowadays they are committed to fridges with big noses. Whatever product that is.  


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